Boundary Museum Society

The Boundary Museum Society was established in 1958, and incorporated in 1980. From its inception, we have striven to preserve and promote the history of the Boundary area in an engaging, accessible manner that adds value to the local community. We currently operate a number of exhibits and sites throughout the Boundary region, including our main museum site at the Fructova Heritage Site, the Heritage Flour Mill, an outdoor exhibit in Gyro Park in downtown Grand Forks and a visual photo collection along with showcased artifacts at the Christina Lake Welcome Centre.

Our mandate is to:

  • collect
  • research
  • preserve
  • exhibit, and
  • use for educational purposes, artifacts relating to the human and natural history of Grand Forks and the Boundary area.

To realize this mandate, the museum relies on our board of seven dedicated directors, staff, summer students, and volunteers.

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Boundary Museum Society Regular Meetings

The Board meets once monthly at times established at the Board meetings.