Programs and Events

We offer engaging, historical events throughout the year. Our events vary with the time of year, so check back often to learn more about our upcoming initiatives. We are currently working on our events for 2020. Please stay tuned for some exciting announcements in January!

The Pride of the Valley flour is hand-milled by a volunteer using traditional methods.

Grand Forks Doukhobor Heritage Milling Society

The Flour Mill is located at our Visitor Centre at 3620 Mill Road, Grand Forks, BC

The Flour Mill is currently closed for the season

Watch the Pride of the Valley flour being milled with the same technology used over 100 years ago! This flour is milled using the purest locally sourced grain.

Demonstrations for groups are available for advanced bookings. Contact us at the Boundary Museum!

We currently have 4kg and 10kg bags for sale at the Boundary Museum gift shop. In the following varieties: Rye, Whole Wheat Triticale and Bran.

Outdoor Brick Bread Oven

Located at our Fructova Heritage Site. Volunteer bakers rise early to hand bake bread in a historic, outdoor brick oven. The Pride of the Valley flour we use is milled locally at the Grand Forks Doukhobor Heritage Milling Society’s original 1915 location.

This interactive demonstration occurs during our summer months on Thursday mornings. We invite you to come out and experience the historic bread making where local stories and recipes are shared.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with this summer program as well as an opportunity for you to learn how to use our historic brick oven. Contact us to volunteer!

Blacksmith Shop

This is an operational Blacksmith Shop at our Fructova Heritage Site. Live demonstrations using our fully functional coal forge are fascinating to watch! Bringing the past to the present while local hobbyists demonstrate their art.

Our demonstrations introduce the younger generation to learn this trade either as a hobbyist or professional. Hands-on experiences are available depending on the age of the participant.

These blacksmith demonstrations and trade experiences are available for group advance bookings. Contact us to find out more!