Pride of the Valley Flour Mill

How the Pride of the Valley Flour Mill originally looked shortly after it was built.

Pride of the Valley Flour Mill Hours:

Currently, the Flour Mill is closed until further notice. 

The historic Pride of the Valley Flour Mill was originally built in 1915 to produce flour for the Doukhobors in the region, as well as the rest of the valley. The mill operated on steam power until 1945 when the mill was closed, until it was reopened in 1962 using an electric hammer mill.

The flour mill is not in current production. For many years this site used the same original production methods to produce whole wheat flour, rye flour, triticale flour, and bran.

Boundary Museum hosts weekly bread baking at the Fructova Heritage Site and by the USCC Bread and Lapsha groups. Pride of the Valley Doukhobor recipe books are available at our gift shops, to teach you the bread baking process from start to finish.

Traditionally bread played a large role in the Doukhobor culture both as a staple in their diet, and as a spiritual symbol. At Doukhobor gatherings, a table with bread, salt, and water is placed upon it, representing the basic elements of life, and the concept of “Toil and Peaceful Life”. Come learn more about Doukhobor History at the Boundary Museum Fructova Heritage site.