Boundary Woodworkers Guild

The Burns Wagon was used to transport meat and other products to railway workers, miners, and other residents by local cattle farmer Patrick Burns (1856-1937).
The postal delivery wagon was expertly restored by the Boundary Woodworkers Guild.

The Boundary Woodworkers Guild was incorporated on January 17th, 2007. Since then they have partnered with the Boundary Museum to work on restoration projects, and have restored some of the largest, most treasured artifacts in our collection. The members have donated hundreds of hours into their work, and are some of the most dedicated volunteers at the museum.

The major completed restorations include the Grand Forks-Bossburg Stagecoach, the Burns Wagon, and the McLaughlin One Horse Sleigh. The Boundary Woodworkers Guild also created the wonderful display cases used to house the exhibits inside the Boundary Museum & Interpretive Centre.

The Boundary Woodworkers Guild is always in need of dedicated new members to lend their expertise and assist with projects. If you’re interested please contact us or visit their website for more information.