Fructova Heritage Site

The Fructova Heritage Site as it appears today.
The Fructova Heritage Site as it appears today.

The Boundary Museum & Interpretive Centre moved into the former Fructova School in 2009, now known as the Fructova Heritage Site.

Fructova was built by the Doukhobors in 1929 as a school for the local Doukhobor children to be educated as required by BC law. The school was made using brick from the community brick factory located just below the school grounds. It originally held two classrooms; one at either end and a teacherage in the middle, which was later converted to another classroom.

The school was in use until the late 1940’s when the students were sent by bus to Central Elementary School (current Perley Elementary School site) in Grand Forks instead.

Fructova was fully renovated in the 1980’s by the Doukhobor Historical Society of BC, and became home to the Boundary Museum & Interpretive Centre in 2009.

Currently, the Boundary Museum houses a number of exhibits both on Doukhobor life and pioneer life in the Boundary at the lovely Fructova Heritage Site.