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We’re powered by the SUN thanks to the funding provided by the RDKB’s Federal Gas Tax application in 2014 administered by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM).


A Special thank you to the Phoenix Foundation and their support!
The Boundary Museum & Interpretive Center 2017 Phoenix Foundation Grant: The Projector and Screen will be beneficial towards community organizations who rent our facilities for meetings and special events.

                                                                          Thank you Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities  for your support!



Thank you RDKB – Area C

Thank you to Area C for their support, and the Grant in Aid for $4,000 towards the Office Update!!!   We will be updating our equipment along with the work that has currently gone on.  Starting in January this year, Volunteers got together and through many workshops have moved and organized many items that were currently located in the Office.  The Boundary Museum will be able to complete the update and finish the plan of bring the office up to date.  Along with the Meeting room downstairs, the Office will have a better flow and functionality.  Because of the wonderful support from Area C, we will be able to put in place the very important and much needed equipment that is necessary to finish this project off.  Please look for our reveal in the near future!!!


Reveal to come

Young Canada Works and Canada Summer Jobs 2018

Employer Name:
Boundary Museum & Interpretive Centre
Job Location:
Grand Forks

Program stream:
Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations

Length of assignment:
12 Weeks

Hourly wage:
Computer Science, Digital Graphic & Image Design, Software Programming Challenge!

If you’re passionate about having a creative and inactive summer job (funded partially through the YCW in Historic Organizations Programs), the Boundary Museum & Interpretive Centre located in Grand Forks, British Columbia throughout the picturesque Kettle River Valley is looking for you!

The Museum’s Artifact/Archive Collection is stored in three older versions of Microsoft Access and Past Perfect programs. We need your software and programming expertise to catalogue the collection under one user friendly program that can be updated and shared eventually on-line. You will be working with a team of professional volunteers and staff to develop to ensure your success. Upon completion, the Museum invites you to include this project in your personal portfolio for future job search or academic credits.

View our website at: (temporarily unavailable right now)

Specific Skills Required:

Applicants must hold a current driver’s license and:

• be legally entitled to work in Canada

• a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, or have refugee status in Canada. Note: Non-Canadian students holding temporary work visas or awaiting permanent status are not eligible

• be between 19 and 30 years of age at the start of employment

• meet the eligibility criteria of the program for which you have been approved

• be registered in the YCW on-line candidate inventory

• be willing to commit to the full duration of the work assignment

• Not have another full-time job (over 30 hours a week) while employed with YCW.


In addition, student participants in a Summer Work Experience program must:


• Have been a full-time student (as defined by his or her educational institution) in the semester preceding the YCW job

• Intend to return to full-time studies in the semester following the YCW job


Deadline for applications:

extending to April 30, 2018


Meet the Team of 2017, summer students from left to right (pic on right) Kalayna Tubrett, Anton Strukoff, Ben Garrison. They delighted the visitors and worked diligently on many projects from June to August




BC Heritage Week 2016 – ‘The History and Culture of the Doukhobor People’

The Boundary Museum partnered with The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USSC) Elders and youth members in February to share their living history with 352 local school children and teachers touring six venues over three days at Fructova.   Director Laura Lodder traveled to the four senior’s residences in Grand Forks with USCC Choir members and Elders dressed in their traditional attire, sharing photos, stories and their culture assisted by Museum volunteers Lee Derhousoff and Sue Adrain.

bc-heritage-week-lodge-eyes-wide-shut-laura-fe-2016 bread-salt-water-jj-verigin_2016bc-heritage-week-russian-singers-lodge-fe-2016doukhobor-traditional-dress-anne-makortoff-friend_2016       wool-spinning-venue-christina-medvedeff_2016shawl-fringing-painting-venue-anne-makortoff-mary-makortoff-helen-vereschagin_2016saddle-lake-venue-jenny-coleshill-biologist_2016

Photos provided by

Barry Verigin