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Young Canada Works and Canada Summer Jobs 2017

Meet the Team of 2017, summer students from left to right (pic on right) Kalayna Tubrett, Anton Strukoff, Ben Garrison. They delighted the visitors and worked diligently on many projects from June to August



BC Heritage Week 2016 – ‘The History and Culture of the Doukhobor People’

The Boundary Museum partnered with The Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USSC) Elders and youth members in February to share their living history with 352 local school children and teachers touring six venues over three days at Fructova.   Director Laura Lodder traveled to the four senior’s residences in Grand Forks with USCC Choir members and Elders dressed in their traditional attire, sharing photos, stories and their culture assisted by Museum volunteers Lee Derhousoff and Sue Adrain.

bread-salt-water-jj-verigin_2016 bc-heritage-week-lodge-eyes-wide-shut-laura-fe-2016 bc-heritage-week-russian-singers-lodge-fe-2016doukhobor-traditional-dress-anne-makortoff-friend_2016       wool-spinning-venue-christina-medvedeff_2016shawl-fringing-painting-venue-anne-makortoff-mary-makortoff-helen-vereschagin_2016saddle-lake-venue-jenny-coleshill-biologist_2016

Photos provided by

Barry Verigin